SEO AI – Ecommerce SEO Scam Agency

This website is designed to document and share our experience with SEO AI, an ecommerce agency founded by Charles Floate. A well known SEO “guru” who lied to us, destroyed our traffic and then ran away when the consequences of his actions came to light.

We began working with Charles in July 2017, I personally approached him to hire him for his consulting service on our Roofing supply ecommerce shop. I personally have been reading about SEO for a long time but as a busy manager at our family business I was extremely short on time and needed to hand over our online marketing to an employee or agency.

SEO AI Agency is a SCAM

The idea was to grab a few days of Charles Floates time and get an idea of where we need to focus to grow our organic traffic. Then I was going to make the decision on if I needed to hire an SEO to work in house or hire an agency, I figured either option would be a similar amount of money. I already kind of knew we would need an agency who can handle more work than an employee could have, but I wanted a second opinion.

Speaking with Charles when the report was ready I mentioned in passing that we were looking at getting an agency in to handle our online marketing, he immediately suggested that he could handle the work and this seemed reasonable. He told me about what he’s been building with his partner Dan and I told them our rough budget and to put a SEO proposal together for our ecommerce store.

He came back with a decent plan of action, that contained a solid plan on the surface to market the store. He came up with an interesting payment structure where they were to take 5% of revenue organic along with a £3000 upfront payment and £1500 per month retainer fee. I agree’d, it seemed like a decent deal for everyone involved. I trusted him, I had been reading his blog for many years and he took advantage of me.

Who are SEO AI

SEO AI is a marketing agency that are “specialists” in ecommerce SEO founded by “famous” SEO Blogger Charles Floate and Daniel.

After we fell out (detailed below) we found that one of the founders, SEO AI founder Charles Floate is a serial scam artist in the SEO world who has gone under many names such as:

  • God of SEO
  • mbSEO
  • Godlike Marketing
  • DHSellerUK
  • God Like Marketing Ltd

He was also arrested in 2015 for hacking the FBI, and actually pleaded guilty to possessing 111 images of child pornography. He also did things such as hack into a mans web cam, recording him masturbate and then upload the video to embarrass him.

Charles Floate SEO AI Agency

The 19-year-old was also sentenced after pleading guilty to possessing prohibited images of children” – Source, ITV News

Links to the stories linking SEO AI’s Charles Floate to Child Pornography Charges:

Being arrested for being a “hacker” might make you think he is a kid how knows what he is doing right? But don’t be tricked, here are some of the quotes from the judge.

Kevin Barry, prosecuting at Birmingham Crown Court, said that in November 2012 Floate had carried out two test runs when he hacked into the computers of two men in the US.

He uploaded a sexually explicit video on to YouTube to ‘mock and shame’ one victim, while he also “taunted” the other man over a number of days about having control of his computer.

One thing I want to stress is that Floate is no computer genius – we found evidence that he used online guides to carry out this work and when it became too difficult for him he paid other people to do it for him.

Do you really want such a person heading your online marketing? Do not work with SEO AI.

Before this Charles was a regular member of an SEO forum called Black Hat World, where he was stupid enough as a teenager to pretend to make money online after his mother bought a new car. This is just one lie I have found in about 5 years of his internet history. To link him to the DHSellerUK handle, please see this post which is a selfie of him from that username.

Later in the thread, Charles uploads a fake drivers license and gets caught. Do you really want to do business with SEO AI when their founder is a liar and bullshitter?

Here is proof from just 1 month before claiming to buy a house and a car from SEO, where he was struggling to make $5 per day and scammed a BHW member.

This is not a person who has “done SEO since they were 10” as he likes to claim many times.

Links to other scams by SEO AI founders

I don’t have all day to write a full post on why you should not trust SEO AI Agency. I want to get into what they did to our business and what happened when it went wrong.

Here are more links to scams and issues concerning the SEO AI founders:

He has also lied about working with big companies when he hasn’t, written blog posts about how he ranked sites he does not own and regularly mocks people on twitter

what did SEO AI Agency do?

When starting work with our ecommerce store we were hitting around 3000 users per day from Organic search, that turned into around £35,000 per month in revenue. Our business is a roofing supplies wholesaler that delivers nationwide.

This is BEFORE working with SEO AI, ecommerce agency.


The initial thing that made me sign was SEO AI/Charles Floate were largely going to be paid on money though bought in to our business, taking 5% of revenue and a relatively small monthly fee I felt safe this this was a solid deal, this turned out to be one of the biggest mistakes of my life.

When you pay SEO companies by performance, they have no long term obligation to you. What SEO AI did was spam our site with blackhat tactics, rank it for a few months, take his money and when Google penalized our website due to the work they did he disappeared. Do not trust your business with these guys.

Charles ignored our phone calls, emails and I even drove to his office in Wolverhamption where he locked the door and sat there in plain view through the window until I went away. Charles Floate is a spineless coward.

This is the after effects of working with SEO AI.


Our monthly organic revenue dropped from £48,000 per month to just £3000.

SEO AI spammed our site so they got their revenue share, when our site got penalized Charles then ignored us and I imagine moved on to the next victim.

Charles own websites ( has suffered Google penalties, as you can see in SEMRush.


As you can see, he can’t even save his own website from his dodgy SEO tactics, do not trust Charles Floate or SEO AI with your business. He has destroyed our business which has been running for over 40 years in less than 5 months.

He also got his first blog penalised,


You will also notice SEO AI, ecommerce agency does not even rank for anything. Do not trust SEO’s who can’t rank their own web properties.

Avoid SEO AI scam

Do not work with this company, the implications and damage they have done.

Charles Floate, SEO AI founder and CEO is a serial scam artist who has taken many peoples money and run. This is his 5th agency (MB SEO, God Like Marketing and Hashtag SEO). There is a pattern of abuse here, a serious business does not change their name and rebrand every year unless they are trying to hide their history like SEO AI are. They are founded by serial SEO scam artists.

Hire a proper company with a track record. Avoid these cowards.